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   1  <!DOCTYPE html>
   2  <html>
   3  <head>
   4      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
   5      <title>MailPress &rsaquo; ReadMe</title>
   6      <link rel="stylesheet" href="mp-admin/css/readme.css" type="text/css" />
   7  </head>
   8  <body>
   9  <h1 id="logo" style="text-align: center">
  10      <img alt="MailPress" src="mp-includes/images/logo_lmailpress_admin.png" />
  11      <br /> Version 7.2
  12  </h1>
  13  <p style="text-align: center"><a href="https://paypal.me/arenaut" target="_blank"><img title="Thank you :-) !" alt="Thank you :-) !" src="mp-includes/images/PP_M.png"></a></p>
  14  <p style="text-align: center">the WordPress mailing platform</p>
  16  <h1>First Things First</h1>
  17  <p>Welcome. MailPress is a very special project to me and I'm proud to be a part of it ;-). Lot of hours have gone into MailPress, and I am dedicated to making it better every day. Thank you for making it part of your world.</p>
  18  <p style="text-align: right;">&#8212; Andr&eacute; Renaut</p>
  20  <h1>System requirements</h1>
  21  <ul>
  22          <li>PHP version <strong>7.0</strong> or higher</li>
  23      <li>WordPress version <strong>5.4</strong> or higher</li>
  24      <li>PHP functions <code>proc_open()</code> must be available</li>
  25      <li>PHP extensions <code>simplexml</code> and <code>intl</code> must be available</li>
  26  </ul>
  27  <p>
  28      MailPress 7.2 is using <a href="https://swiftmailer.symfony.com/" target="_blank">swiftmailer 6.3.0</a>.
  29      <br />
  30  </p>
  32  <h1>Description</h1>
  33  <ol>
  34      <li>Style your html and plain text mails with dedicated themes and templates.</li>
  35      <li>Newsletters/Post notifications on a per post, daily, weekly, monthly basis.</li>
  36      <li>Subscriptions to Comments, Newsletters/Post notifications and even to Mailing lists.</li>
  37      <li>Support international emails</li>
  38      <li>Support Dkim or S/Mime</li>
  39      <li>and much more, for free !</li>
  40  </ol>
  42  <h1>Installation</h1>
  43  <ol>
  44      <li>Before any installation, make sure you have a smtp server available (supports smtp (default) or sendmail).</li>
  45      <li>Have all informations to access to this server at hand.</li>
  46      <li>The installation process is like any other plugin.</li>
  47      <li>Once activated, go to "Settings > MailPress", fill and save the settings for each tab (General, (Connection to your mail server), Test, ...</li>
  48      <li>Once everything is set, use the Test tab in "Settings > MailPress" to validate your settings (your first mail with MailPress)</li>
  49      <li>You can also install the MailPress widget on your front page : "Appearance > Widgets".</li>
  50      <li>Just browse the different MailPress admin screens, read the help in the help tab for each screen.</li>
  51      <li>Now that you are familiar with this plugin, you can visit "Plugins > MailPress Add-ons" to add options to your plugin (may be you already did it to activate sendmail).</li>
  52      <li>I wisely recommand to activate add-ons one by one, and see what are the changes in the MailPress settings admin panel, in the help, etc ...</li>
  53  </ol>
  55  <h1>Upgrading</h1>
  56  <p><b>WordPress automatic upgrade</b> is a delete and replace process !</p>
  57  <ol>
  58      <li>Deactivate all MailPress Add-ons</li>
  59      <li>Save or Back-up any customized file (if any)</li>
  60      <li>Deactivate the plugin</li>
  61      <li>Upgrade</li>
  62      <li>Restore any customized files (if any)</li>
  63      <li>Activate plugin and add-ons</li>
  64  </ol>
  65  <p>MailPress themes and templates do not need to be changed if customized in a previous MailPress release. </p>
  67  <h1>Resources</h1>
  68  <p>If you have any questions that aren't addressed in this document, please take advantage of MailPress numerous online resources:</p>
  69  <dl>
  70      <dt><a href="readme.txt">Readme.txt</a></dt>
  71          <dd>Read the <code>readme.txt</code> of MailPress</dd>
  72      <dt><a href="http://groups.google.com/group/mailpress">MailPress google group </a></dt>
  73          <dd>The MailPress google group. See the <a href="http://groups.google.com/group/mailpress">Welcome page</a>.</dd>
  74  </dl>
  76  <h1>Some Add-ons</h1>
  77  <ul>
  78      <li>
  79          <h2>Autoresponders</h2>
  80          <p>Autoresponders ( based on wp-cron ).</p>
  81      </li>
  82      <li>
  83          <h2>Newsletters</h2>
  84          <p>Allow subscription to newsletters for posts, per post, daily, weekly, monthly ... </p>
  85      </li>
  86      <li>
  87          <h2>Mailing lists</h2>
  88          <p>Need to organize the emails inserted into MailPress and/or let your users to choose which mailing lists they subscribe to, based on WordPress taxonomy concept (post categories, link categories, tags).</p>
  89      </li>
  90      <li>
  91          <h2>Tracking</h2>
  92          <p>Track your mails will report opening rate, clicks generated and much more.</p>
  93      </li>
  94      <li>
  95          <h2>Synchronize with WordPress</h2>
  96          <p>If you want to synchronize MailPress with your WordPress registered users.</p>
  97      </li>
  98      <li>
  99          <h2>Batch send</h2>
 100          <p>Your website becomes more and more successful, you have now plenty of subscribers, processing a large number of recipients becomes an issue ! , use the <code>Batch_send</code> add-on.</p>
 101      </li>
 102      <li>
 103          <h2>Bounce handling</h2>
 104          <p>Process your mail bounces with <code>Bounce_handing_II</code> add-on.</p>
 105      </li>
 106      <li>
 107          <h2>User Roles</h2>
 108          <p>If you need to set Capabilities in MailPress, use this add-on.<br /> You can read more about <a href="http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities">Roles and Capabilities</a> on the Codex.</p>
 109      </li>
 110      <li>
 111          <h2>SMTP, Sendmail ... SMTPUTF8</h2>
 112          <p>Natively, MailPress support SMTP connections to your mail server, however you can switch to Sendmail.</p>
 113      </li>
 114  </ul>
 117  <h1> Final notes</h1>
 118  <ul>
 119      <li>If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments, or if you (gasp!) found a bug, join the MailPress community in the <a href="http://groups.google.com/group/mailpress">MailPress google group</a>.</li>
 120  </ul>
 122  <h1>Share the Love</h1>
 123  <p>MailPress has no multi-million euro marketing campaign or celebrity sponsors, but do have something even better&#8212;you. If you enjoy MailPress please consider telling a friend, setting it up for someone less knowledgable than yourself, or writing a post on MailPress.</p>
 124  <p>And thank you for your (financial) support.</p>
 126  </body>
 127  </html>

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