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Swift_Transport_SendmailTransport:: (6 methods):

Class: Swift_Transport_SendmailTransport  - X-Ref

SendmailTransport for sending mail through a Sendmail/Postfix (etc..) binary.

Supported modes are -bs and -t, with any additional flags desired.
It is advised to use -bs mode since error reporting with -t mode is not

__construct(Swift_Transport_IoBuffer $buf, Swift_Events_EventDispatcher $dispatcher, $localDomain = '', Swift_AddressEncoder $addressEncoder = null)   X-Ref
Create a new SendmailTransport with $buf for I/O.

param: string $localDomain

start()   X-Ref
Start the standalone SMTP session if running in -bs mode.

setCommand($command)   X-Ref
Set the command to invoke.

If using -t mode you are strongly advised to include -oi or -i in the flags.
For example: /usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t
Swift will append a -f<sender> flag if one is not present.

The recommended mode is "-bs" since it is interactive and failure notifications
are hence possible.

param: string $command
return: $this

getCommand()   X-Ref
Get the sendmail command which will be invoked.

return: string

send(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message, &$failedRecipients = null)   X-Ref
Send the given Message.

Recipient/sender data will be retrieved from the Message API.

The return value is the number of recipients who were accepted for delivery.
NOTE: If using 'sendmail -t' you will not be aware of any failures until
they bounce (i.e. send() will always return 100% success).

param: string[] $failedRecipients An array of failures by-reference
return: int

getBufferParams()   X-Ref
No description

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