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Swift_Transport_NullTransport:: (7 methods):

Class: Swift_Transport_NullTransport  - X-Ref

Pretends messages have been sent, but just ignores them.

__construct(Swift_Events_EventDispatcher $eventDispatcher)   X-Ref

isStarted()   X-Ref
Tests if this Transport mechanism has started.

return: bool

start()   X-Ref
Starts this Transport mechanism.

stop()   X-Ref
Stops this Transport mechanism.

ping()   X-Ref

send(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message, &$failedRecipients = null)   X-Ref
Sends the given message.

param: string[] $failedRecipients An array of failures by-reference
return: int The number of sent emails

registerPlugin(Swift_Events_EventListener $plugin)   X-Ref
Register a plugin.

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