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Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Auth_NTLMAuthenticator:: (27 methods):

Class: Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Auth_NTLMAuthenticator  - X-Ref

Handles NTLM authentication.

getAuthKeyword()   X-Ref
Get the name of the AUTH mechanism this Authenticator handles.

return: string

authenticate(Swift_Transport_SmtpAgent $agent, $username, $password)   X-Ref

si2bin($si, $bits = 32)   X-Ref
No description

sendMessage1(Swift_Transport_SmtpAgent $agent)   X-Ref
Send our auth message and returns the response.

return: string SMTP Response

parseMessage2($response)   X-Ref
Fetch all details of our response (message 2).

param: string $response
return: array our response parsed

readSubBlock($block)   X-Ref
Read the blob information in from message2.

return: array

sendMessage3($response, $username, $password, $timestamp, $client, Swift_Transport_SmtpAgent $agent, $v2 = true)   X-Ref
Send our final message with all our data.

param: string $response  Message 1 response (message 2)
param: string $username
param: string $password
param: string $timestamp
param: string $client
param: bool   $v2        Use version2 of the protocol
return: string

createMessage1()   X-Ref
Create our message 1.

return: string

createMessage3($domain, $username, $workstation, $lmResponse, $ntlmResponse)   X-Ref
Create our message 3.

param: string $domain
param: string $username
param: string $workstation
param: string $lmResponse
param: string $ntlmResponse
return: string

createBlob($timestamp, $client, $targetInfo)   X-Ref

param: string $timestamp  Epoch timestamp in microseconds
param: string $client     Random bytes
param: string $targetInfo
return: string

getDomainAndUsername($name)   X-Ref
Get domain and username from our username.

param: string $name
return: array

createLMPassword($password, $challenge)   X-Ref
Create LMv1 response.

param: string $password
param: string $challenge
return: string

createNTLMPassword($password, $challenge)   X-Ref
Create NTLMv1 response.

param: string $password
param: string $challenge
return: string

getCorrectTimestamp($time)   X-Ref
Convert a normal timestamp to a tenth of a microtime epoch time.

param: string $time
return: string

createLMv2Password($password, $username, $domain, $challenge, $client)   X-Ref
Create LMv2 response.

param: string $password
param: string $username
param: string $domain
param: string $challenge NTLM Challenge
param: string $client    Random string
return: string

createNTLMv2Hash($password, $username, $domain, $challenge, $targetInfo, $timestamp, $client)   X-Ref
Create NTLMv2 response.

param: string $password
param: string $username
param: string $domain
param: string $challenge  Hex values
param: string $targetInfo Hex values
param: string $timestamp
param: string $client     Random bytes
return: string

createDesKey($key)   X-Ref
No description

createSecurityBuffer($value, $offset, $is16 = false)   X-Ref
Create our security buffer depending on length and offset.

param: string $value  Value we want to put in
param: int    $offset start of value
param: bool   $is16   Do we 16bit string or not?
return: string

readSecurityBuffer($value)   X-Ref
Read our security buffer to fetch length and offset of our value.

param: string $value Securitybuffer in hex
return: array array with length and offset

castToByte($v)   X-Ref
Cast to byte java equivalent to (byte).

param: int $v
return: int

uRShift($a, $b)   X-Ref
Java unsigned right bitwise
$a >>> $b.

param: int $a
param: int $b
return: int

createByte($input, $bytes = 4, $isHex = true)   X-Ref
Right padding with 0 to certain length.

param: string $input
param: int    $bytes Length of bytes
param: bool   $isHex Did we provided hex value
return: string

desEncrypt($value, $key)   X-Ref
DES Encryption.

param: string $value An 8-byte string
param: string $key
return: string

md5Encrypt($key, $msg)   X-Ref
MD5 Encryption.

param: string $key Encryption key
param: string $msg Message to encrypt
return: string

md4Encrypt($input)   X-Ref
MD4 Encryption.

param: string $input
return: string

convertTo16bit($input)   X-Ref
Convert UTF-8 to UTF-16.

param: string $input
return: string

debug($message)   X-Ref

param: string $message

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