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/mp-includes/composer/vendor/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/lib/classes/Swift/Transport/ -> AbstractSmtpTransport.php (summary)

Sends Messages over SMTP.

Author: Chris Corbyn
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__construct(Swift_Transport_IoBuffer $buf, Swift_Events_EventDispatcher $dispatcher, $localDomain = '', Swift_AddressEncoder $addressEncoder = null)   X-Ref
Creates a new EsmtpTransport using the given I/O buffer.

param: string $localDomain

setLocalDomain($domain)   X-Ref
Set the name of the local domain which Swift will identify itself as.

This should be a fully-qualified domain name and should be truly the domain
you're using.

If your server does not have a domain name, use the IP address. This will
automatically be wrapped in square brackets as described in RFC 5321,
section 4.1.3.

param: string $domain
return: $this

getLocalDomain()   X-Ref
Get the name of the domain Swift will identify as.

If an IP address was specified, this will be returned wrapped in square
brackets as described in RFC 5321, section 4.1.3.

return: string

setSourceIp($source)   X-Ref
Sets the source IP.

param: string $source

getSourceIp()   X-Ref
Returns the IP used to connect to the destination.

return: string

setAddressEncoder(Swift_AddressEncoder $addressEncoder)   X-Ref
No description

getAddressEncoder()   X-Ref
No description

start()   X-Ref
Start the SMTP connection.

isStarted()   X-Ref
Test if an SMTP connection has been established.

return: bool

send(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message, &$failedRecipients = null)   X-Ref
Send the given Message.

Recipient/sender data will be retrieved from the Message API.
The return value is the number of recipients who were accepted for delivery.

param: string[] $failedRecipients An array of failures by-reference
return: int

stop()   X-Ref
Stop the SMTP connection.

ping()   X-Ref

registerPlugin(Swift_Events_EventListener $plugin)   X-Ref
Register a plugin.

reset()   X-Ref
Reset the current mail transaction.

getBuffer()   X-Ref
Get the IoBuffer where read/writes are occurring.

return: Swift_Transport_IoBuffer

executeCommand($command, $codes = [], &$failures = null, $pipeline = false, $address = null)   X-Ref
Run a command against the buffer, expecting the given response codes.

If no response codes are given, the response will not be validated.
If codes are given, an exception will be thrown on an invalid response.
If the command is RCPT TO, and the pipeline is non-empty, no exception
will be thrown; instead the failing address is added to $failures.

param: string   $command
param: int[]    $codes
param: string[] $failures An array of failures by-reference
param: bool     $pipeline Do not wait for response
param: string   $address  The address, if command is RCPT TO.
return: string|null The server response, or null if pipelining is enabled

readGreeting()   X-Ref
No description

doHeloCommand()   X-Ref
No description

doMailFromCommand($address)   X-Ref
No description

doRcptToCommand($address)   X-Ref
No description

doDataCommand(&$failedRecipients)   X-Ref
No description

streamMessage(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message)   X-Ref
No description

getReversePath(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message)   X-Ref
No description

throwException(Swift_TransportException $e)   X-Ref
No description

assertResponseCode($response, $wanted)   X-Ref
No description

getFullResponse($seq)   X-Ref
No description

doMailTransaction($message, $reversePath, array $recipients, array &$failedRecipients)   X-Ref
No description

sendTo(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message, $reversePath, array $to, array &$failedRecipients)   X-Ref
No description

sendBcc(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message, $reversePath, array $bcc, array &$failedRecipients)   X-Ref
No description

__destruct()   X-Ref

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