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Swift_Signers_HeaderSigner:: (6 methods):

Interface: Swift_Signers_HeaderSigner  - X-Ref

Header Signer Interface used to apply Header-Based Signature to a message.

ignoreHeader($header_name)   X-Ref
Exclude an header from the signed headers.

param: string $header_name
return: self

startBody()   X-Ref
Prepare the Signer to get a new Body.

return: self

endBody()   X-Ref
Give the signal that the body has finished streaming.

return: self

setHeaders(Swift_Mime_SimpleHeaderSet $headers)   X-Ref
Give the headers already given.

return: self

addSignature(Swift_Mime_SimpleHeaderSet $headers)   X-Ref
Add the header(s) to the headerSet.

return: self

getAlteredHeaders()   X-Ref
Return the list of header a signer might tamper.

return: array

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