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Swift_Preferences:: (6 methods):

Class: Swift_Preferences  - X-Ref

Changes some global preference settings in Swift Mailer.

__construct()   X-Ref
No description

getInstance()   X-Ref
Gets the instance of Preferences.

return: self

setCharset($charset)   X-Ref
Set the default charset used.

param: string $charset
return: $this

setTempDir($dir)   X-Ref
Set the directory where temporary files can be saved.

param: string $dir
return: $this

setCacheType($type)   X-Ref
Set the type of cache to use (i.e. "disk" or "array").

param: string $type
return: $this

setQPDotEscape($dotEscape)   X-Ref
Set the QuotedPrintable dot escaper preference.

param: bool $dotEscape
return: $this

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