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Swift_Plugins_RedirectingPlugin:: (11 methods):

Class: Swift_Plugins_RedirectingPlugin  - X-Ref

Redirects all email to a single recipient.

__construct($recipient, array $whitelist = [])   X-Ref
Create a new RedirectingPlugin.

param: mixed $recipient

setRecipient($recipient)   X-Ref
Set the recipient of all messages.

param: mixed $recipient

getRecipient()   X-Ref
Get the recipient of all messages.

return: mixed

setWhitelist(array $whitelist)   X-Ref
Set a list of regular expressions to whitelist certain recipients.

getWhitelist()   X-Ref
Get the whitelist.

return: array

beforeSendPerformed(Swift_Events_SendEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Invoked immediately before the Message is sent.

filterHeaderSet(Swift_Mime_SimpleHeaderSet $headerSet, $type)   X-Ref
Filter header set against a whitelist of regular expressions.

param: string $type

filterNameAddresses(array $recipients)   X-Ref
Filtered list of addresses => name pairs.

return: array

isWhitelisted($recipient)   X-Ref
Matches address against whitelist of regular expressions.

return: bool

sendPerformed(Swift_Events_SendEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Invoked immediately after the Message is sent.

restoreMessage(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message)   X-Ref
No description

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