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Swift_Plugins_PopBeforeSmtpPlugin:: (15 methods):

Class: Swift_Plugins_PopBeforeSmtpPlugin  - X-Ref

Makes sure a connection to a POP3 host has been established prior to connecting to SMTP.

__construct($host, $port = 110, $crypto = null)   X-Ref
Create a new PopBeforeSmtpPlugin for $host and $port.

param: string $host   Hostname or IP. Literal IPv6 addresses should be
param: int    $port
param: string $crypto as "tls" or "ssl"

setConnection(Swift_Plugins_Pop_Pop3Connection $connection)   X-Ref
Set a Pop3Connection to delegate to instead of connecting directly.

return: $this

bindSmtp(Swift_Transport $smtp)   X-Ref
Bind this plugin to a specific SMTP transport instance.

setTimeout($timeout)   X-Ref
Set the connection timeout in seconds (default 10).

param: int $timeout
return: $this

setUsername($username)   X-Ref
Set the username to use when connecting (if needed).

param: string $username
return: $this

setPassword($password)   X-Ref
Set the password to use when connecting (if needed).

param: string $password
return: $this

connect()   X-Ref
Connect to the POP3 host and authenticate.

disconnect()   X-Ref
Disconnect from the POP3 host.

beforeTransportStarted(Swift_Events_TransportChangeEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Invoked just before a Transport is started.

transportStarted(Swift_Events_TransportChangeEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Not used.

beforeTransportStopped(Swift_Events_TransportChangeEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Not used.

transportStopped(Swift_Events_TransportChangeEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Not used.

command($command)   X-Ref
No description

assertOk($response)   X-Ref
No description

getHostString()   X-Ref
No description

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