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Swift_Plugins_BandwidthMonitorPlugin:: (12 methods):

Class: Swift_Plugins_BandwidthMonitorPlugin  - X-Ref

Reduces network flooding when sending large amounts of mail.

beforeSendPerformed(Swift_Events_SendEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Not used.

sendPerformed(Swift_Events_SendEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Invoked immediately after the Message is sent.

commandSent(Swift_Events_CommandEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Invoked immediately following a command being sent.

responseReceived(Swift_Events_ResponseEvent $evt)   X-Ref
Invoked immediately following a response coming back.

write($bytes)   X-Ref
Called when a message is sent so that the outgoing counter can be increased.

param: string $bytes

commit()   X-Ref
Not used.

bind(Swift_InputByteStream $is)   X-Ref
Attach $is to this stream.

The stream acts as an observer, receiving all data that is written.
All {@link write()} and {@link flushBuffers()} operations will be mirrored.

unbind(Swift_InputByteStream $is)   X-Ref
Remove an already bound stream.

If $is is not bound, no errors will be raised.
If the stream currently has any buffered data it will be written to $is
before unbinding occurs.

flushBuffers()   X-Ref
Not used.

getBytesOut()   X-Ref
Get the total number of bytes sent to the server.

return: int

getBytesIn()   X-Ref
Get the total number of bytes received from the server.

return: int

reset()   X-Ref
Reset the internal counters to zero.

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