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Swift_Mime_Headers_ParameterizedHeader:: (11 methods):

Class: Swift_Mime_Headers_ParameterizedHeader  - X-Ref

An abstract base MIME Header.

__construct($name, Swift_Mime_HeaderEncoder $encoder, Swift_Encoder $paramEncoder = null)   X-Ref
Creates a new ParameterizedHeader with $name.

param: string $name

getFieldType()   X-Ref
Get the type of Header that this instance represents.

return: int

setCharset($charset)   X-Ref
Set the character set used in this Header.

param: string $charset

setParameter($parameter, $value)   X-Ref
Set the value of $parameter.

param: string $parameter
param: string $value

getParameter($parameter)   X-Ref
Get the value of $parameter.

param: string $parameter
return: string

setParameters(array $parameters)   X-Ref
Set an associative array of parameter names mapped to values.

param: string[] $parameters

getParameters()   X-Ref
Returns an associative array of parameter names mapped to values.

return: string[]

getFieldBody()   X-Ref
Get the value of this header prepared for rendering.

return: string

toTokens($string = null)   X-Ref
Generate a list of all tokens in the final header.

This doesn't need to be overridden in theory, but it is for implementation
reasons to prevent potential breakage of attributes.

param: string $string The string to tokenize
return: array An array of tokens as strings

createParameter($name, $value)   X-Ref
Render a RFC 2047 compliant header parameter from the $name and $value.

param: string $name
param: string $value
return: string

getEndOfParameterValue($value, $encoded = false, $firstLine = false)   X-Ref
Returns the parameter value from the "=" and beyond.

param: string $value     to append
param: bool   $encoded
param: bool   $firstLine
return: string

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