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Swift_Mime_Headers_IdentificationHeader:: (10 methods):

Class: Swift_Mime_Headers_IdentificationHeader  - X-Ref

An ID MIME Header for something like Message-ID or Content-ID.

__construct($name, EmailValidator $emailValidator, Swift_AddressEncoder $addressEncoder = null)   X-Ref
Creates a new IdentificationHeader with the given $name and $id.

param: string $name

getFieldType()   X-Ref
Get the type of Header that this instance represents.

return: int

setFieldBodyModel($model)   X-Ref
Set the model for the field body.

This method takes a string ID, or an array of IDs.

param: mixed $model

getFieldBodyModel()   X-Ref
Get the model for the field body.

This method returns an array of IDs

return: array

setId($id)   X-Ref
Set the ID used in the value of this header.

param: string|array $id

getId()   X-Ref
Get the ID used in the value of this Header.

If multiple IDs are set only the first is returned.

return: string

setIds(array $ids)   X-Ref
Set a collection of IDs to use in the value of this Header.

param: string[] $ids

getIds()   X-Ref
Get the list of IDs used in this Header.

return: string[]

getFieldBody()   X-Ref
Get the string value of the body in this Header.

This is not necessarily RFC 2822 compliant since folding white space will
not be added at this stage (see {@see toString()} for that).

return: string

assertValidId($id)   X-Ref
Throws an Exception if the id passed does not comply with RFC 2822.

param: string $id

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