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/mp-includes/composer/vendor/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/lib/classes/Swift/Mime/Headers/ -> AbstractHeader.php (summary)

An abstract base MIME Header.

Author: Chris Corbyn
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Defines 24 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

setCharset($charset)   X-Ref
Set the character set used in this Header.

param: string $charset

getCharset()   X-Ref
Get the character set used in this Header.

return: string

setLanguage($lang)   X-Ref
Set the language used in this Header.

For example, for US English, 'en-us'.
This can be unspecified.

param: string $lang

getLanguage()   X-Ref
Get the language used in this Header.

return: string

setEncoder(Swift_Mime_HeaderEncoder $encoder)   X-Ref
Set the encoder used for encoding the header.

getEncoder()   X-Ref
Get the encoder used for encoding this Header.

return: Swift_Mime_HeaderEncoder

getFieldName()   X-Ref
Get the name of this header (e.g. charset).

return: string

setMaxLineLength($lineLength)   X-Ref
Set the maximum length of lines in the header (excluding EOL).

param: int $lineLength

getMaxLineLength()   X-Ref
Get the maximum permitted length of lines in this Header.

return: int

toString()   X-Ref
Get this Header rendered as a RFC 2822 compliant string.

return: string

__toString()   X-Ref
Returns a string representation of this object.

return: string

setFieldName($name)   X-Ref
Set the name of this Header field.

param: string $name

createPhrase(Swift_Mime_Header $header, $string, $charset, Swift_Mime_HeaderEncoder $encoder = null, $shorten = false)   X-Ref
Produces a compliant, formatted RFC 2822 'phrase' based on the string given.

param: string $string  as displayed
param: string $charset of the text
param: bool   $shorten the first line to make remove for header name
return: string

escapeSpecials($token, $include = [])   X-Ref
Escape special characters in a string (convert to quoted-pairs).

param: string   $token
param: string[] $include additional chars to escape
return: string

encodeWords(Swift_Mime_Header $header, $input, $usedLength = -1)   X-Ref
Encode needed word tokens within a string of input.

param: string $input
param: string $usedLength optional
return: string

tokenNeedsEncoding($token)   X-Ref
Test if a token needs to be encoded or not.

param: string $token
return: bool

getEncodableWordTokens($string)   X-Ref
Splits a string into tokens in blocks of words which can be encoded quickly.

param: string $string
return: string[]

getTokenAsEncodedWord($token, $firstLineOffset = 0)   X-Ref
Get a token as an encoded word for safe insertion into headers.

param: string $token           token to encode
param: int    $firstLineOffset optional
return: string

generateTokenLines($token)   X-Ref
Generates tokens from the given string which include CRLF as individual tokens.

param: string $token
return: string[]

setCachedValue($value)   X-Ref
Set a value into the cache.

param: string $value

getCachedValue()   X-Ref
Get the value in the cache.

return: string

clearCachedValueIf($condition)   X-Ref
Clear the cached value if $condition is met.

param: bool $condition

toTokens($string = null)   X-Ref
Generate a list of all tokens in the final header.

param: string $string The string to tokenize
return: array An array of tokens as strings

tokensToString(array $tokens)   X-Ref
Takes an array of tokens which appear in the header and turns them into
an RFC 2822 compliant string, adding FWSP where needed.

param: string[] $tokens
return: string

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