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Swift_Message:: (14 methods):

Class: Swift_Message  - X-Ref

The Message class for building emails.

__construct($subject = null, $body = null, $contentType = null, $charset = null)   X-Ref
Create a new Message.

Details may be optionally passed into the constructor.

param: string $subject
param: string $body
param: string $contentType
param: string $charset

addPart($body, $contentType = null, $charset = null)   X-Ref
Add a MimePart to this Message.

param: string|Swift_OutputByteStream $body
param: string                        $contentType
param: string                        $charset
return: $this

attachSigner(Swift_Signer $signer)   X-Ref
Attach a new signature handler to the message.

return: $this

detachSigner(Swift_Signer $signer)   X-Ref
Detach a signature handler from a message.

return: $this

clearSigners()   X-Ref
Clear all signature handlers attached to the message.

return: $this

toString()   X-Ref
Get this message as a complete string.

return: string

toByteStream(Swift_InputByteStream $is)   X-Ref
Write this message to a {@link Swift_InputByteStream}.

__wakeup()   X-Ref
No description

doSign()   X-Ref
loops through signers and apply the signatures.

saveMessage()   X-Ref
save the message before any signature is applied.

saveHeaders(array $altered)   X-Ref
save the original headers.

restoreHeaders()   X-Ref
Remove or restore altered headers.

restoreMessage()   X-Ref
Restore message body.

__clone()   X-Ref
Clone Message Signers.

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