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Swift_Mailer:: (5 methods):

Class: Swift_Mailer  - X-Ref

Swift Mailer class.

__construct(Swift_Transport $transport)   X-Ref
Create a new Mailer using $transport for delivery.

createMessage($service = 'message')   X-Ref
Create a new class instance of one of the message services.

For example 'mimepart' would create a 'message.mimepart' instance

param: string $service
return: object

send(Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage $message, &$failedRecipients = null)   X-Ref
Send the given Message like it would be sent in a mail client.

All recipients (with the exception of Bcc) will be able to see the other
recipients this message was sent to.

Recipient/sender data will be retrieved from the Message object.

The return value is the number of recipients who were accepted for

param: array $failedRecipients An array of failures by-reference
return: int The number of successful recipients. Can be 0 which indicates failure

registerPlugin(Swift_Events_EventListener $plugin)   X-Ref
Register a plugin using a known unique key (e.g. myPlugin).

getTransport()   X-Ref
The Transport used to send messages.

return: Swift_Transport

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