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Swift_KeyCache_KeyCacheInputStream:: (5 methods):

Interface: Swift_KeyCache_KeyCacheInputStream  - X-Ref

Writes data to a KeyCache using a stream.

setKeyCache(Swift_KeyCache $keyCache)   X-Ref
Set the KeyCache to wrap.

setNsKey($nsKey)   X-Ref
Set the nsKey which will be written to.

param: string $nsKey

setItemKey($itemKey)   X-Ref
Set the itemKey which will be written to.

param: string $itemKey

setWriteThroughStream(Swift_InputByteStream $is)   X-Ref
Specify a stream to write through for each write().

__clone()   X-Ref
Any implementation should be cloneable, allowing the clone to access a
separate $nsKey and $itemKey.

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