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Swift_CharacterReader_UsAsciiReader:: (4 methods):

Class: Swift_CharacterReader_UsAsciiReader  - X-Ref

Analyzes US-ASCII characters.

getCharPositions($string, $startOffset, &$currentMap, &$ignoredChars)   X-Ref
Returns the complete character map.

param: string $string
param: int    $startOffset
param: array  $currentMap
param: string $ignoredChars
return: int

getMapType()   X-Ref
Returns mapType.

return: int mapType

validateByteSequence($bytes, $size)   X-Ref
Returns an integer which specifies how many more bytes to read.

A positive integer indicates the number of more bytes to fetch before invoking
this method again.
A value of zero means this is already a valid character.
A value of -1 means this cannot possibly be a valid character.

param: string $bytes
param: int    $size
return: int

getInitialByteSize()   X-Ref
Returns the number of bytes which should be read to start each character.

return: int

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