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Class: Swift_AddressEncoder_Utf8AddressEncoder  - X-Ref

A UTF-8 email address encoder.

Returns the email address verbatimly in UTF-8 as permitted by RFC 6531 and
RFC 6532. It supports addresses containing non-ASCII characters in both
local-part and domain (i.e. on both sides of @).

This encoder must be used together with Swift_Transport_Esmtp_SmtpUtf8Handler
and requires that the outbound SMTP server supports the SMTPUTF8 extension.

If your outbound SMTP server does not support SMTPUTF8, use
Swift_AddressEncoder_IdnAddressEncoder instead. This allows sending to email
addresses with non-ASCII characters in the domain, but not in local-part.

encodeString(string $address)   X-Ref
Returns the address verbatimly.

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