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Author: Luke Mahe
Version: version 1.0
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Defines 3 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

MarkerClusterer(map, opt_markers, opt_options)   X-Ref
A Marker Clusterer that clusters markers.

param: {google.maps.Map} map The Google map to attach to.
param: {Array.<google.maps.Marker>=} opt_markers Optional markers to add to
param: {Object=} opt_options support the following options:

Cluster(markerClusterer)   X-Ref
A cluster that contains markers.

param: {MarkerClusterer} markerClusterer The markerclusterer that this

ClusterIcon(cluster, styles, opt_padding)   X-Ref
A cluster icon

param: {Cluster} cluster The cluster to be associated with.
param: {Object} styles An object that has style properties:
param: {number=} opt_padding Optional padding to apply to the cluster icon.

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