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Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner:: (17 methods):

Class: Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner  - X-Ref

MIME Message Signer used to apply S/MIME Signature/Encryption to a message.

__construct($signCertificate = null, $signPrivateKey = null, $encryptCertificate = null)   X-Ref

param: string $certificate
param: string $privateKey
param: string $encryptCertificate

newInstance($certificate = null, $privateKey = null)   X-Ref
Returns an new Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner instance.

param: string $certificate
param: string $privateKey
return: Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner

setSignCertificate($certificate, $privateKey = null, $signOptions = PKCS7_DETACHED, $extraCerts = null)   X-Ref
Set the certificate location to use for signing.

param: string       $certificate
param: string|array $privateKey  If the key needs an passphrase use array('file-location', 'passphrase') instead
param: int          $signOptions Bitwise operator options for openssl_pkcs7_sign()
param: string       $extraCerts  A file containing intermediate certificates needed by the signing certificate
return: Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner

setEncryptCertificate($recipientCerts, $cipher = null)   X-Ref
Set the certificate location to use for encryption.

param: string|array $recipientCerts Either an single X.509 certificate, or an assoc array of X.509 certificates.
param: int          $cipher
return: Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner

getSignCertificate()   X-Ref

return: string

getSignPrivateKey()   X-Ref

return: string

setSignThenEncrypt($signThenEncrypt = true)   X-Ref
Set perform signing before encryption.

The default is to first sign the message and then encrypt.
But some older mail clients, namely Microsoft Outlook 2000 will work when the message first encrypted.
As this goes against the official specs, its recommended to only use 'encryption -> signing' when specifically targeting these 'broken' clients.

param: string $signThenEncrypt
return: Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner

isSignThenEncrypt()   X-Ref

return: bool

reset()   X-Ref
Resets internal states.

return: Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner

signMessage(Swift_Message $message)   X-Ref
Change the Swift_Message to apply the signing.

param: Swift_Message $message
return: Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner

getAlteredHeaders()   X-Ref
Return the list of header a signer might tamper.

return: array

toSMimeByteStream(Swift_InputByteStream $inputStream, Swift_Message $message)   X-Ref

param: Swift_InputByteStream $inputStream
param: Swift_Message         $mimeEntity

createMessage(Swift_Message $message)   X-Ref

param: Swift_Message $message
return: Swift_Message

messageStreamToSignedByteStream(Swift_FileStream $outputStream, Swift_InputByteStream $inputStream)   X-Ref

param: Swift_FileStream      $outputStream
param: Swift_InputByteStream $inputStream

messageStreamToEncryptedByteStream(Swift_FileStream $outputStream, Swift_InputByteStream $is)   X-Ref

param: Swift_FileStream      $outputStream
param: Swift_InputByteStream $is

copyFromOpenSSLOutput(Swift_OutputByteStream $fromStream, Swift_InputByteStream $toStream)   X-Ref

param: Swift_OutputByteStream $fromStream
param: Swift_InputByteStream  $toStream

streamToMime(Swift_OutputByteStream $fromStream, Swift_Message $message)   X-Ref
Merges an OutputByteStream to Swift_Message.

param: Swift_OutputByteStream $fromStream
param: Swift_Message          $message

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