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Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_PlainContentEncoder:: (7 methods):

Class: Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_PlainContentEncoder  - X-Ref

Handles binary/7/8-bit Transfer Encoding in Swift Mailer.

__construct($name, $canonical = false)   X-Ref
Creates a new PlainContentEncoder with $name (probably 7bit or 8bit).

param: string $name
param: bool   $canonical If canonicalization transformation should be done.

encodeString($string, $firstLineOffset = 0, $maxLineLength = 0)   X-Ref
Encode a given string to produce an encoded string.

param: string $string
param: int    $firstLineOffset ignored
param: int    $maxLineLength   - 0 means no wrapping will occur
return: string

encodeByteStream(Swift_OutputByteStream $os, Swift_InputByteStream $is, $firstLineOffset = 0, $maxLineLength = 0)   X-Ref
Encode stream $in to stream $out.

param: Swift_OutputByteStream $os
param: Swift_InputByteStream  $is
param: int                    $firstLineOffset ignored
param: int                    $maxLineLength   optional, 0 means no wrapping will occur

getName()   X-Ref
Get the name of this encoding scheme.

return: string

charsetChanged($charset)   X-Ref
Not used.

_safeWordwrap($string, $length = 75, $le = "\r\n")   X-Ref
A safer (but weaker) wordwrap for unicode.

param: string $string
param: int    $length
param: string $le
return: string

_canonicalize($string)   X-Ref
Canonicalize string input (fix CRLF).

param: string $string
return: string

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