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Swift_CharacterStream_NgCharacterStream:: (10 methods):

Class: Swift_CharacterStream_NgCharacterStream  - X-Ref

A CharacterStream implementation which stores characters in an internal array.

__construct(Swift_CharacterReaderFactory $factory, $charset)   X-Ref

param: Swift_CharacterReaderFactory $factory
param: string                       $charset

setCharacterSet($charset)   X-Ref
Set the character set used in this CharacterStream.

param: string $charset

setCharacterReaderFactory(Swift_CharacterReaderFactory $factory)   X-Ref
Set the CharacterReaderFactory for multi charset support.

param: Swift_CharacterReaderFactory $factory

flushContents()   X-Ref

importByteStream(Swift_OutputByteStream $os)   X-Ref

param: Swift_OutputByteStream $os

importString($string)   X-Ref

param: string $string

read($length)   X-Ref

param: int $length
return: string

readBytes($length)   X-Ref

param: int $length
return: integer[]

setPointer($charOffset)   X-Ref

param: int $charOffset

write($chars)   X-Ref

param: string $chars

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